D'tails Dog Salon

No fur. No paws. No service.

The bite of a bad groom lasts far longer than the thrill of a cheap groom...

 Grooming Services
I am not accepting new clients at this time. 

A bath includes a hand bathing method using a foamed shampoo followed by a deep cleaning, massaging, oxygenated bath. Ear cleaning and glands are done by request and only if permitted and WILL incur additional charges. 
All pets must be people friendly and tolerant of the grooming process. There will be additional charges for aggressive or uncooperative dogs if they are not sent home.  I only groom pets up to 30lbs. 

Toy (tiny maltese, yorkie, chihuahua, toy poodle) up to 12lbs

Bath and Sani $35+

Bath with feet and face trimmed $42+

Full Groom $75+


Small (shih tzu, some terriers, lhasa apso, bichon, havanese, toy/mini poodle...) up to 30lbs 

Bath and Nails $40+

Bath with feet and face trimmed $48+

Full Groom $80+

Ala Carte

 Nails $18 (long nails may incur additional charges)

 Smoothing Nail Filing $28+ Depends on length removed

(These prices are for the well behaved pet who has nails maintained routinely)


Spa service add-ons available with grooming
Anal Gland expression $5
Deep Ear Cleaning with Vet approval $10
After Clip Smoothing Front Nail Filing  $4

Hand scissoring, complexity of style and behavioral issues are examples what may increase the cost of grooming.

Undercoat de-Mucking $85/hr
This is an alternative to stripping and can usually be added to most terriers haircuts. It will help preserve or regain some of that rich color and texture a hard coated terrier is known for. THIS WILL NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF HAND STRIPPING, but it will improve the clippered pet's coat. It will generally add $10-15 to grooming costs. 

Deluxe de-shedding treatment   $10-85
While a full service grooming is very thorough, this  treatment goes beyond what a regular grooming removes.

Snuggles are always free.