D'tails Dog Salon

No fur. No paws. No service.



Masks are not required to enter the salon. I may continue to wear mine. My salon will be mask friendly and judgement free. Clients are welcome with or without masks. 

Please do not bring your pet or have someone else bring your pet if you, a family member, a close co-worker, etc,... are sick or have been exposed to Covid, the flu or a cold. Contracting and/or exposure to Covid, colds and flu would put a major financial and booking strain on my business that would result in even longer than the already 4-6 week wait time for an appointment. Simply put, I choose to err on the side of caution because I can not afford to take the risk because I have nowhere to put canceled appointments. Rescheduling one appointment is far better than days worth.

Pets must be groomed by me no longer than 8 weeks between grooms (some exceptions are ok)



Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays wit Sunday and Monday being for VIP yearly bookers

I am no longer grooming pets over 25lbs  

Multiple pet households:

Each pet must have their own appointment. 
Appointments must be consecutive for them to come in together.  
5:30 & 7am, 7am & 8:30am, 8:30am & 10am..., for example. 

Grooming need to knows:
Any matting will be shaved to 1/8" or shorter.
Requests for haircuts longer than 2" can not be accommodated at this time. 
Hand stripping and coloring are also not offered.

Drop Off and Pick up:

Please be on time for both drop off and pick up.

You'll be given a pick up time at drop off. Most pets are ready in an hour and fifteen minutes.

Late drop off may result in the cancelation of your appointment.

Late pick up may result in a $1 per minute late fee.


Due to a growing number of slow pays, I have added a touchless option using a QR code for in salon payment.

As of now this is an option. Invoicing is still the preferred method of payment. 

Please inform me of any changes at drop off. (preferred email change, check or cash preference)

Online Booking:

Current clients(groomed by me within the last 3 months) you may book as usual. 

Club VIP, please text me if you need Saturday or Sunday appointments.

Club VIP is currently at capacity.

 Any questions? Please text me: 503 516 7387 (Deena)