D'tails Dog Salon

No fur. No paws. No service.

As this is a frightening and unsure time, I would like to take a moment to let you know how things are changing in the salon. I have decided to remain open as long as I can, for the time being. I am implementing several changes moving forward.

As of 2/21/2020, I am no longer accepting new appointments and the likelihood of a temporary closure is extremely high. Most likely 2/24/2020.

I am suspending the 48 hour notice to cancel but I will require text confirmation if within the 48 hours. 

I will leave the booking site open so that you may book future appointments. I highly suggest you make them now as you can cancel and rebook as needed. I anticipate a rush once business is back to normal. 

I am choosing to take this virus very seriously. I am not in the high risk category but I am not young either. The likelihood that I have been exposed is higher. Even with all the safeguards in place, I still had to go in public situations where I could have been exposed. I feel confident that I can keep us both safe if we follow a few strict guidelines. To help you decide if grooming right now is appropriate for you, please read the following.

Are you feeling less than 100%, be it a cold, the flu, allergies, or respiratory? YOU MUST RESCHEDULE OR WAIT FOR THE ALL CLEAR

Are you in the high risk category? YOU MUST RESCHEDULE OR WAIT FOR THE ALL CLEAR

Are you 65+? YOU MUST RESCHEDULE OR WAIT FOR THE ALL CLEAR-do not have a family member bring your pet as it will be turned away. Pets can transmit the virus, it simply is not worth the risk. 

Have you or any of your family members traveled recently? YOU MUST RESCHEDULE OR WAIT FOR THE ALL CLEAR

Do you have children at home? Please read further to see if our new policies will work for you.

If you are feeling great, are in a low risk catagory,  and are comfortable with grooming and all the risks involved, then I would love to groom your pet. To do this and keep us both as safe as possible, I have implemented the following procedure. 

Each pet must have their own appointment. I can only take one at a time now. I can't have pets wandering freely and will have to cage them. you will have to make 2 trips. Sorry for the inconvenience.

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO in-salon interaction. I will meet you outside the door where we will change leashes. You, and only you, (please leave family members/friends in the car, if applicable) I will put a slip lead on and have you remove your personal leash and harness/collar. Please remove any pet clothing prior to arrival. Pets may not be in kennels, or carriers. You will be given a pick up time and will be expected to be on time for both drop off and pick up. This is very important as I will need ample time to groom as well as sanitize between pets. I will not be able to accommodate early or late arrivals. Pick up promptness is equally important. 

I will use a new slip lead on each pet and they will go in a disinfectant solution and dried before using on another pet. 

Your pet will be groomed straight through, as usual. Please be prompt for pick up so that I have plenty of time to properly clean between pets. 

IMPORTANT: There will be no onsite payments. (no cash, cards, or checks) You will be invoiced so I will need an email address. All payments must be made within 2 hours of pick up but preferably prior to pick-up.

My goal is to be able to continue providing grooming services but I need absolute transparency to keep us both safe. Thank you for understanding that it will be a joint effort to make this work smoothly.

Please contact me if you have questions. Text message is is best :)