D'tails Dog Salon

No fur. No paws. No service.

This is long but please read the entire thing and check again the day before your appointment. It is your responsibility to be familiar with and comply with these requirements. They are subject to change without notice. 

For NEW and FORMER clients, I require pre-approval before appointments can be made. (those not groomed by me in 2020) Any appointments made without approval will be canceled without warning. All new pets must be well behaved and accepting of the grooming process. Pets that bite or fight will be sent home.

I am not yet accepting pets over 30lbs.

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required for all appointments until further notice.

What to expect at drop off:
MASKS and 6' SOCIAL DISTANCING are required
Upon arriving, check to make sure my door is OPEN. That will be the indicator that I am ready. Only one person is allowed inside the salon at a timeRemove all clothing from your pet and put your mask on prior to entering. Remove the collar and leash and carry your pet inside, if you can. If removing leash/ harness inside, please the door behind you. (no kennels or travel bags allowed) 
Inside there will be a bank of kennels to the right of the door with a kennel door open and a towel inside. Place your pet inside, removing any remaining personal items. Close and secure the door, taking your pets belongs with you. The kennel and front doors are sanitized before you arrive for both drop off and pick up for your safety. Nobody is allowed inside while I groom.

Multiple pet households:
Each pet must have their own appointment, as usual. They can come together but must be brought in separately. 
One will have to be securely kenneled before the other can be brought in. 

Grooming need to knows:
Any matting will be shaved to 1/8" or shorter. I will not be doing any brush out dematting, hand scissoring, hand stripping, coloring or elaborate, detailed grooming until we are back to business as usual and all safety requirements are lifted. Requests for haircuts longer than 2" can not be accommodated at this time.

Pick up:

My door will not be open as a safety precaution. Close it after you enter. Your pet will be in the big bottom kennel with soft towels to lay on while waiting for you. Mask up prior to entering. Release your pet, leash up and you're done :) Please do not let your pet wander.



There will be no onsite payments. (no cash, cards, or checks) Many of you are familiar with this process but for those who are not, I will send an invoice to the email you use to make appointments. You will pay directly from that invoice just as you did for the deposit. I use Square, the same card processing company I use in-salon.

Online Booking:

Current clients(groomed by me in 2020) you may book as usual

Everyone else MUST be pre-approved. Non-approved appointments will be canceled without warning

Please text: 503 516 7387(Deena)

*Confirmation Instructions:

 $30(bath/nails) or $45(groom) non-refundable deposit will be required 

You will receive an email one week before your appointment prompting you to confirm your appointment and pay your deposit. This will be taken off your grooming bill. All criteria mentioned above must be met or the appointment will not be honored and the deposit will be forfeited. All appointments will require confirmation and acceptance of these new procedures no later than 72 hours prior, preferably by text, or they will be canceled and offered to others with no further notice. 

If you agree with this, please text or email me "I agree, please email me an invoice for the deposit"