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I have been fortunate enough that my passion for my career allows me to travel to many places to compete.

Here is a list of all competitions.

Burbank 2007 BIS Sporting class/Terrier class                     

Dallas 2007 Poodle class

Burbank 2008 Poodle class

New Jersey 2008 Terrier class

Seattle 2008 Terrier class- 2nd place Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier/Mixed Breed Class- 2nd place- Bichon mix

Hershey, PA 2009 Terrier class- 2nd place-Welsh Terrier

Intergroom 2010: Secaucus, NJ Terrier Class-3rd Place.

Las Vegas 2010: Terrier Class-3rd Place.

Groom and Kennel Expo 2011 3rd Place Bichon Frize

Intergroom 2011 New Jersey 2nd Place Bichon Frize

Las Vegas 2011 3rd place potpurri 3rd place Bichon Frize




Atlanta-March Education only 

Tacoma-March Education only

New Jersey-April 

Las Vegas- September