D'tails Dog Salon

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The bite of a bad decision lasts far longer than the thrill of a cheap groom...

 Grooming Services
Grooming is provided in a calm, clean and loving environment. A full groom includes a massaging, oxygenating bath, a blow dry and hand fluff, breed or custom trim and a traditional nail trim. Ear cleaning and glands done by request only and may incur additional charges. All pets must be people friendly and tolerant of the grooming process. There will be additional charges for aggressive or uncooperative dogs.  We groom pets up to 70lbs but pets over 30lbs require preapproval.   

Toy (tiny maltese, yorkie, chihuahua) up to 7lbs

Bath and Nails $20-30+

Bath with feet and face trimmed $25-35+

Full Groom $52-60+


Small (shih tzu, lhasa apso, havanese,toy poodle...) up to 15lbs 

Bath and Nails $30-35+

Bath with feet and face trimmed $35-40+

Full Groom $60-65+


Medium (miniature poodle, bichon, mini doodles, terriers...) up to 35lbs

Bath and Nails $35-40+

Bath with feet and face trimmed $40-45+

Full Groom 65-70+

Coming in November...

Large (doodles, standard poodle-basic, wheatens, spaniels) up to 60lbs

bath and nails $45-50

bath with face and feet $50-55

Full groom $75-95+ 


Ala Carte

 Nails $10

 Smoothing Nail Filing $18

(For the well behaved pet)


Hand scissoring, complexity of style, dematting, and behavioral issues are examples what may increase the cost of grooming.


Spa service add-ons

After Clip Smoothing Nail Filing  $4
Petzlife breath spray alone(no brushing) $2
After Shave Treatments  $2-12

Blueberry or Cranberry Facial  $2
Nail Art  $1-5/nail
Nail Polishing 1 Color  $5 front feet
Cosmetic Teeth Brushing with Petzlife treatment $10


Puppy Introductory Package $35+
8-16 weeks of age please
 We offer this package to help ease your new baby into our world. We start with a little brushing, a gentle bath, and drying. We introduce the clippers by clipping the pads and belly. Nails are trimmed. A little off the face and we’re almost finished. We always end  with lots of praise and a cuddle.

Hand Stripping $85/hr
Hand stripping is a service benificial to most Terriers. Terriers have a coat that is meant to come out with a little assistance. Hand stripping preserves the rich color and harsh texture the stripped terrier is known for.  Besides the aesthetic value it has wonderful health benifits. It is like a total body deep pore cleansing treatment. Many skin conditions improve if not disappear altogether. To do the job thoroughly and correct, we will need your pet for 2-3 hours of hands on time. This is not the same as jacket stripping, which requires less time and lets the rest of the coat become soft. As this is a time and labor intense project, advance booking is required. 

Deluxe de-shedding treatment   $10-40
While our full service grooming is very thorough, this  treatment  goes beyond what a regular grooming removes. Full service grooming is not required to enjoy this treatment.

Add smoothing nail file to any service $4

Snuggles are always free.

The bite of a bad decision lasts far longer than the thrill of a good price.